Roofing and Waterproofing System Details

Adhered Roofing System Project
Adhered Roof System Details

Adhered roofing systems from Sika Roofing provide an aesthetically-pleasing roofing application that delivers superior, watertight protection.

Adhered Feltback Details

Adhered Lightweight Conrete Details

Adhered Membrane Details

Self-Adhered Membrane Details

Sikaplan Adhered Roofing Details

Ballasted Roofing Details
Ballasted Roofing Details

Ballasted Roofing Details

Décor Roofing System Details
Décor Roofing System Details

Décor is the ideal choice for new or existing buildings that call for the appearance of a metal roof, yet require maximum watertight performance. 

Décor System Details

EcoSmart Roof
EcoSmart Roofing Details

The EcoSmart Roof is one of the longest lasting, most ecologically responsible roofing systems available.

EcoSmart Roofing System Details

Flat Retail Roof
Engineered Roofing Details
Express Roofing Details
Express Roofing Details

Sarnafil Express combines Sarnafil's time-proven thermoplastic membrane with a polymer batten and fasteners between two welds in the membrane overlap.

Sarnafil Express Roofing Details

Green Roof Parking Lot Sika Sarnafil Project
Green Roofs Details

Sika’s Loose Laid system is the most economical of our high quality waterproofing systems because of its ease of installation:

Green Roof Loose Laid Details

The Adhered systems provides building owners with added waterproofing security by having the waterproofing membrane bonded directly to the structural concrete deck:

Green Roof Ext Adhered Details

Green Roof Adhered Int- Ext PMA Details

The Grid System offers a unique “containment grid” feature that reduces the risk of expensive removal and replacement of overburden:

Green Roof Grid System Details


Flat White Sika Sarnafil Roof
Lightguard and Heavyguard Roofing System Details

Sarnatherm LG & HG are used in protected membrane roof systems (PMRS) or “upside down” roof systems where the roof membrane is installed underneath the insulation instead of on top.

Sarnatherm Lightguard and Heavyguard Roofing System Details

Installing a Rhinobond Roof System
Rhinobond Roofing Details

RhinoBond is an alternative attachment system for Sarnafil and Sikaplan roof membranes.

Rhinobond Roofing Details

Rhinobond Metal Retrofit

University Plaza Deck
Plaza Deck Roofing Details

Plaza decks require special attention since they hold water for a period of time after precipitation, and the waterproofing system is buried under the overburden.

Plaza Deck Loose Laid

Plaza Deck Adhered

Plaza Deck Grid System