The Self-Adhered waterproofing system provides building owners with added waterproofing security by having the waterproofing membrane bonded directly to the structural concrete deck while increasing installation productivity for waterproofing contractors.

This system is an excellent choice for intensive and extensive green roofs and plaza decks receiving landscaping, pavers or concrete overburden. It can also be used in split slab parking decks, planters, tunnels, balconies and terrace applications.


"All in One Product That Performs"

The Sarnafil G476 SA waterproofing membrane is a robust 120-mil (3 mm) thick composite sheet composed of 60-mil (1.5 mm) thick G476 waterproofing membrane and a 60-mil (1.5 mm) closed cell foam backing layer coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive.

The flexible foam backing layer conforms around minor irregularities in the substrate and provides a cushion for the waterproofing membrane. It also acts as a barrier to protect the G476 membrane from existing substrate contaminants such as asphalt. The pressure sensitive adhesive provides a tenacious bond between the membrane composite and substrate to mitigate potential water migration under the sheet.

Like all Sika Sarnafil thermoplastic membranes, the Sarnafil G476 SA seams are hot-air welded, resulting in a high-strength, watertight seal.

"Quicker, Simpler Installation"

Contractors are always looking for ways to increase productivity and accelerate project schedules. G476 SA does just that. It eliminates field applied adhesives,
simplifies flashing details and reduces installed labor cost.

System Advantages
Robust, factory-manufactured composite sheet.
Tenacious adhesion to the substrate mitigates water migration under the membrane.
Closed-cell foam backing provides cushion layer for waterproofing membrane and protects the G476 waterproofing layer from substrate contaminants.
Self-adhering, "peel & stick" waterproofing membrane and flashing installs quickly and easily. Field applied adhesives are eliminated.
Selvedge seams are hot-air welded like all Sarnafil membranes.

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