An Exceptional “Peace of Mind” System

The Grid System offers a unique “containment grid” feature that reduces the risk of expensive removal and replacement of overburden. As the name implies, the area to be waterproofed is marked out in a grid pattern, with each section becoming its own individual containment field. This is accomplished by adhering strips of membrane around the perimeter of each grid section to act as a sub membrane waterstop. Should a leak occur in the future, the containment grid isolates the water, eliminating any potential spread from one section to another.

University of Alabma- Alpha Green Roof and Plaza Deck Area
Durable membrane with a proven performance history
Grid strip eliminates the potential spread of water from one section to another
Test drains can be installed in each grid to provide a means to diagnostically test each section before and after installation of overburden
Can be installed economically over existing waterproofing with minimal deck preparation
Sika waterproofing’s bright orange G476 membrane makes it easy to identify and inspect to maintain high levels of quality assurance and control during construction

John F. Kennedy Library

The Grid System was used to waterproof the plaza area of the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston, Massachusetts. Because of the irreplaceable artifacts and documents located directly beneath it, the owners wanted absolute system integrity and maximum watertight security. For this reason, the consulting engineers specified Sika waterproofing’s high performance Grid System. Click here to read the full John F. Kennedy case study.  

John F. Kennedy Library, Boston, MA- Plaza Deck Waterprooved By Sika Sarnafil