Underground Construction Sites from Coast to Coast Rely on Sarnafil Waterproofing Membrane

Sika Corporation first developed vinyl waterproofing membrane for tunnel
applications in the 1960’s in Switzerland, and during the last 20-year
period Sika Sarnafil has distributed more than 5,000,000 square feet for
use in the United States.  

Tunnel membrane from Sika has been used on large scale projects around the country, including major transit construction in Boston, New Jersey, Seattle and New York. The company’s vinyl sheeting is resistant to low temperatures, aggressive water and aging, and can easily be welded and repaired.


The material has good mechanical and high tear strength -- its flexibility and high stretch ability can exceed 300 percent. The membrane is also installed quickly and efficiently, and it can be laid out and welded on moist or wet areas. Proper waterproofing of tunnels is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the useful life of these structures and enhance safety.


Water seeping into a structure endangers the building materials through the freeze-thaw cycle, with water freezing inside cracks and causing them to enlarge. Further, preventing water from freezing on road surfaces increases safety.


Sika's vinyl tunnel membranes meet critical European design standards and have been test-certified according to the NEAT material standard for membrane resistance to a 100-year ageing performance.


Sika has had a 20-year working relationship with WISKO America, Inc., the leading tunnel waterproofing contractor in North America.  WISKO America was
established in 1987 and has installed millions of square feet of flexible geomembranes all over North America, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, with a proven track record of providing dry underground structures to clients.


For additional information, contact Peter D'Antonio via email at dantonio.peter@us.sika.com, or by telephone at 800-451-2504.