You are an architect, designer or building owner, and you have a building to protect. If this building is like most, it has critical interior areas that must be protected from the damaging effects of water, moisture or other contaminants. If these areas are covered with earth, landscaping, pavers or wearing courses such as concrete or pavement, it is extremely costly and challenging to remove the overburden and determine the cause should a leak occur. As a result, one of the most important decisions you have to make is the waterproofing system.

To help you make an informed decision, Sika has briefly described our waterproofing systems utilized with both our Green Roof and Plaza Deck applications to help you choose the one that best fits your project needs.

Waterproofing Systems

Loose Laid System Profile
Loose Laid Waterproofing System

Sika’s Loose Laid system is the most economical of our high quality waterproofing systems because of its ease of installation. It is often used to protect plaza decks and vegetated roofs, either on new construction or renovation projects. 

Self Adhered Waterproofing System Profile
Self Adhered Waterproofing System

The Self Adhered system provides building owners with added waterproofing security by having the waterproofing membrane bonded directly to the structural concrete deck while increasing installation productivity for waterproofing contractors.

Grid Waterproofing System Profile
Grid Waterproofing System

The Grid System offers a unique “containment grid” feature that reduces the risk of expensive removal and replacement of overburden. As the name implies, the area to be waterproofed is marked out in a grid pattern, with each section becoming its own individual containment field. 

Waterproofing Applications

Target Center Green Roof
Green Roofs

Vegetated roofing is one of the most exciting developments in sustainable building design. Depending on load capabilities and other application-driven requirements, green roofs can be planted with herbs, grasses, flowers, even trees, in an exciting variety of colors, textures, scents and heights.

Plaza Deck System
Plaza Decks

Plaza decks are located at or above grade level. They are public areas accessible to pedestrians and in some cases vehicles. They may cover valuable commercial or office space, storage or mechanical areas, or parking.

Plaza decks require special attention since they hold water for a period of time after precipitation, and the waterproofing system is buried under the overburden making repairs challenging and costly.


Caltrans Devil's Slide Tunnel
Tunnel Systems

Proper waterproofing of tunnels is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the useful life of these structures and enhance safety.

Sika’s vinyl tunnel membranes meet critical European design standards and have been test-certified according to the NEAT material standard for membrane resistance to a 100-year aging performance.