Sarnafil PVC Roofing Membrane

Sarnafil roofing and waterproofing membranes use only premium ingredients along with the ideal blend to produce the highest quality, longest lasting thermoplastic membranes in the industry.

When asked “what makes Sarnafil membranes different from all the other pvc roofing membranes” it is almost impossible to give a simple answer (because there are quite a few reasons).

However, to make it easier for our customers our “Top Five” reasons are highlighted below. And for those who would like the “extended version”, a more detailed list can be found under “quick links” located on the right side.

Top 5 Reasons Sarnafil is Different from all other PVC Roofing membranes

Roofing Membranes True Test

Actual performance proven in the field over time is the only true test of a roofing system’s quality. Billions of square feet of Sarnafil membrane have performed with distinction over the past 50 years in climates of every description. Many installations are still performing after 30 years of service.

Selecting a roofing system should be a decision based on choosing the best long-term value. Sarnafil roofing and waterproofing systems are widely recognized for exemplifying the highest standards of quality, reliability and watertight protection — a claim that has been proven through the test of time.

Sarnafil “G” and “S” Membranes

Sarnafil “G” series membranes are a unique fiberglass-reinforced, single-ply membrane. Specifically designed for adhered and loose laid systems, they deliver exceptional dimensional stability and a low coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction to extend the service life of the roof.

Sarnafil “S” series membranes are polyester-reinforced and used in mechanically-attached roof systems to resist the high point loads imposed on the membrane.

Retractable sika Sarnafil Cool Roof
Custom Sika Sarnafil Roof Colors
Sarnafil vs. Sikaplan Membrane Overview
Features   Sarnafil S&G Membrane   Sikaplan Fastened & Adhered  
Thickness Guarantee Membrane will meet or exceed the thickness indicated on the package label. Meets ASTM Standard
Thickness 48mil, 60mil, 72mil & 80mil 45 & 60mil
Colors* EnergySmart Colors: Reflective Gray, Tan, Patina Green, and White; Evergreen, Copper Brown and Lead Grey
EnergySmart White, Reflective Gray and Tan
Custom Colors for more flexible Design Yes No
Systems Adhered , Mechanically Attached , RhinoBond , Plaza Deck & Green Roof Mechanically Attached, Adhered & RhinoBond
Widths 5’, 6.5’, & 10’
5’ & 10’
Solar Reflective Index (SRI)
104 (meets the requirements of Title 24, LEED & Green Globes) 104 (Fastened) / 107 (Adhered) (meets the requirements of Title 24, LEED & Green Globes)

5, 10, 15, 20, 25 & 30 Year (Membrane and Systems Warranties available)

High wind warranty coverage & hail warranties available

5, 10, 15 & 20 Year (Membrane and Systems Warranties available)

*All colors not available as standard stocked items in all configurations. Please contact us for more info.