The Leaders in Roofing innovation have done it again

introduce the first rolled-on Liquid Flashing for PVC Membranes

Sika’s Liquid Flashing for thermoplastic roofing membranes is a white, two-component polymethyl methacrylate-based (PMMA) material for use on Sarnafil® and Sikaplan® PVC membranes for roofing detailing.

The product is perfect for detailing unusual shaped penetrations – such as I-beams, angle irons and pipe clusters – that would normally be flashed with high maintenance sealant pockets.

Sika Roofing's Liquid Flashing
The benefits of Sika's Liquid Flashing
Cures quickly after mixing to provide protection – rainproof in 45 minutes and recoatable in just one hour
Offered in two grades - Liquid Flashing SW (summer-grade white) and Liquid Flashing WW (winter-grade white), depending on the ambient and surface temperature during installation
Works on metals, masonry, wood, plastics, concrete and glass, along with all Sika membranes
Eligible for Sika’s System Warranty up to 20 years