Fifty-five years ago, we invented the first reinforced thermoplastic membrane, and we've been changing the industry ever since.


This year, we are introducing revolutionary products that are meeting building owner's needs, making roofs more reliable and changing what you can expect from a roof. Schedule a Free Roof Evaluation with us to discuss how a Sika roofing system can better meet your building's needs.


Textured Roofing Membrane
Sarnafil Textured Membrane

Sarnafil membranes are now available with texture, providing the building owner with an exciting new surface option.

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Liquid Flashing for PVC Roof Membranes
Liquid Flashing

Sika is proud to introduce the first rolled-on liquid flashing for PVC membranes.

The product is perfect for detailing unusual shaped penetrations – such as I-beams, angle irons and pipe clusters – that would normally be flashed with high maintenance sealant pockets.

Innovative Roofing Products- Sika Solar Roof System
Sika Solaroof

Finally, there's a reliable, fully integrated photovoltaic system.

The Sika SolaRoof is a comprehensive solution incorporating the proven performance of Sarnafil roof assemblies with the Sika SolarMount-1 - an innovative, non-penetrating, engineered solution for long-term securement of solar rooftop photovoltaic.

Peel and Stick Sarnafil Roof System
A Faster Easier Way to install A Sarnafil Roof

Sarnafil Self-Adhered Membrane, the Industry's only Self-Adhered PVC Membrane.

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