Sarnafil G 410 Self Adhered Membrane

Improve your installation productivity and eliminate adhesive fumes with Sika Roofing's Sarnafil G 410 Self-Adhered thermoplastic roofing membrane.

This innovative membrane provides all of the benefits of Sika's Sarnafil adhered roofing systems without the hassle and mess of liquid adhesives.

Video Case Study: G 410 SA Membrane - Portland, OR

In 2018, the industry's first and only peel-and-stick PVC roofing membrane - Sarnafil G 410 Self-Adhered - was selected to re-roof a massive truck manufacturing plant in Portland, Oregon

The Sarnafil G 410 Self-Adhered membrane: it’s the easier, faster way to install an adhered roofing membrane. Watch the full-screen video here.


Installing a low/no VOC adhered system in the winter is extremely difficult due to the low daily temperatures. Pepper River Data Center in Salt Lake City took the challenge using Sika Roofing's Sarnafil G 410 SA membrane gives you the ability to install an adhered system in temperatures as low as 20°F! Watch the full-screen video here.

Sarnafil Self-Adhered Wall Flashing

Sarnafil Self-Adhered Wall Flashing is the roofing industry's first PVC peel-and-stick wall flashing option. Boasting the same benefits as the Sarnafil G 410 SA field membrane, Sarnafil SA Wall Flashing can also be installed on any Sika roofing system (adhered, mechanically-attached or RhinoBond) and with Sikaplan membrane...not just on Sarnafil self-adhered systems.  


Sarnafil SA Wall Flashing provides all of the benefits of an adhered roofing system minus the harsh VOCs or odors. In addition, the Self-Adhered Wall Flashing allows for increased productivity and a time-saving installation without the hassle and mess of liquid adhesives.


With the introduction of Sarnafil SA Wall Flashing, Sika Sarnafil becomes the first manufacturer to offer a complete self-adhered PVC roof system.

benefits of the sarnafil g 410 self-adhered membrane

Get a sample of the first PVC self adhered membrane and see how it can be installed faster with no VOC's!