Sikaplan is a cost-competitive, single-ply PVC roofing membrane designed for low and steep slope roofing applications. It has over 30 years of proven performance.

Sikaplan is a cost-competitive, single-ply PVC roofing membrane designed for low-slope roofing applications. Sikplan is ideally suited for applications that call for a quality, cost- efficient roofing membrane from the world’s most trusted commercial roofing manufacturer.

Sikaplan has a successful track record of more than 30 years on buildings throughout the world. And like all Sika PVC roofing and waterproofing membranes, Sikaplan seams and flashings are hot-air welded using an automatic hot-air welding machine. When welded together, the sheets of membrane become one monolithic layer of material impervious to water and moisture infiltration.

Why Choose TPO When There is Sikaplan?

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The Sikaplan membrane can be Mechanically Attached, Adhered or attached using the RhinoBond system. The membrane has either an internal polyester scrim reinforcement to provide the tear resistance required for mechanically attached roof systems, or has an internal glass mat reinforcement to provide the dimensional stability adhered roof systems require. Sikaplan® also has a unique coating, which helps repel dirt and airborne contaminates from the membrane’s surface.

Sikaplan® membranes

The Sikaplan® membranes boast features such as low maintenance, durability, reflectivity, and watertight performance on roofs of any design, shape or pitch. Sikaplan Fastened and Sikaplan Adhered membrane comes in a variety of thicknesses and colors including White, Reflective Gray and Tan.* Sikaplan’s EnergySmart White color reflects the sun’s solar energy and helps to lower building cooling costs. The product meets the cool roofing requirements of USGBC’s LEED® program, Green Globes and California Title 24.

Sikaplan FB 3

The Sikaplan FB 3 Single-Ply Recover Solution is a time-saving, cost-effective recover solution designed to go directly over existing TPO and EPDM roofs while meeting local fire code requirements. The solution utilizes the new Sikaplan Fastened membrane with a 3-ounce felt backing (FB3) rather than the standard 9-ounce felt backing.

When using the new Sikaplan FB3 membrane, you avoid the added price of the hardboard or the loose felt product, as well as the labor to install these products. The Sikaplan FB3 membrane excels as a quick, effective option for single-ply recover applications over TPO and EPDM roofs.

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