For more than 50 years, K-12 school districts and higher education institutions have trusted Sika roofing and waterproofing systems to protect their facilities from the ravages of sun, wind, ice and rain. Sika roofs deliver many benefits including:

Low life-cycle costs - help facility managers control capital expenses, HVAC operations costs and the cost of roof maintenance

Proven Performance and Sustainable Solutions

Sika roofing systems provide the most versatility for school design. Whether the roofing system is low- or steep-sloped, exposed or paver ballasted, Sika has the proven solution. Sika systems offers both highly-reflective, white membranes as well as stocked and custom color options.

school cool roof
EnergySmart Roofs

With ENERGY STAR® compliant EnergySmart roofing, you'll start saving on HVAC costs immediately; savings that keep on going for generations to come and savings you can redistribute to vital educational spending. EnergySmart's heat-welded membrane technology quite simply delivers performance and durability you can count on for decades.

green roof on college dining hall at Atwater vermont
Green Roofs

Depending on load capabilities and other application-driven requirements, green roofs can be planted with herbs, grasses, flowers and even trees in an exciting variety of colors, textures, scents and heights. Patios and walkways can become a useable part of the roof environment. Today it’s clear: vegetated roofs offer many social, environmental and economic benefits.

CB jennings elementary school with blue decor roof
Décor Roofs

Realize your design with a Décor Roof System. Décor is the ideal choice for new or existing buildings that call for the appearance of a metal roof, yet require maximum watertight performance. Décor Roof Systems deliver aesthetics, design flexibility, proven performance and low life-cycle costs.

plaza decks for college
Plaza Decks

Sika offers three waterproofing systems - Loose-Laid System, Self-Adhered System and Grid System – to address the variety of plaza deck conditions including pedestrian plazas, vehicular plazas, balconies, terraces and observation decks.

wells fargo sun devil ASU solar roof arena
Solar Roofs

A solar roofing system can reduce your energy consumption costs and your reliance on the utility grid while providing a high performance roofing system. Solar modules can last more than 25 years, necessitating a long lasting, "solar ready" roofing system. Sika's solar-ready vinyl roof systems are durable and have been proven to last for decades.

recycling roof on university arena
Sika's PVC Roof Membrane Recycling Program

Recycling reduces the environmental impacts of producing new materials at the beginning of the life cycle and the burden on landfills at the end. The feasibility and technical capability of recycling vinyl is well established. 

Sika has invested in state-of-the-art processing equipment that enables large scale recycling of post-consumer vinyl roofs back into roofing products. These products include walkway pads, protection membranes and roofing and waterproofing membranes.