No roofing manufacturer understands the needs of healthcare facility building owners and managers better than Sika. No roofing membrane manufacturer is better prepared to address those needs.

Sika Roofing delivers a series of high performance thermoplastic roofing systems proven to be energy- efficient, highly reliable, and sustainable - factors that result in one of the lowest roofing cycle costs in the industry.

mercy hospital green roof
Sika roofing products feature:
  • Proven Performance
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Odor free and low VOC
  • Minimum facility disruption
  • Energy saving solutions

A prescription for healthcare that saves money

To remain viable in a very competitive marketplace, hospitals and clinics must invest in expensive medical systems and equipment. Older healthcare facilities must stay ahead of building repairs and refurbishments. Newly-planned facilities must contend with the rising costs of construction. Compliance with a host of safety regulations can be costly, as well.

energysmart white cool roof on medical center

Sika roofing systems help to alleviate cost issues. The single-ply thermoplastic membranes are durable, lightweight and flexible, and available in a variety of systems. Included are the reflective, energy-efficient EnergySmart Roof®; a Solar Integrated Roofing System; vegetated Green Roofs; and stylish Decor Roof Systems in a range of standard and custom colors.

Champion of Design Freedom

Décor Roofing Systems

Décor is available in seven standard colors, including four EnergySmart Roof colors that meet the latest EPA Energy Star® standards, and an unlimited number of custom colors.

healtcare medical center blue decor roof detail

When it was time for the Hancock Medical Center in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, to reroof its building, aesthetics were an important factor. The sloped roofs are an architectural element of the building, and the medical center wanted the look of standing seam metal. Décor Roof Systems was the ideal choice, providing them with the look they desired along with the long-term, water-tight performance of a Sika thermoplastic membrane.

A history of proven performance

Performance over time is the only true test of the quality

Performance over time is the only true test of the quality of roofing or waterproofing systems. Independent studies have shown that Sika roofs last for decades — this legacy of proven performance can be found on buildings around the globe, in every imaginable climate. Healthcare facility managers know they can depend on Sika for proven roofing products and system performance.

Fire Resistance Means Safer Environment

Vinyl materials, such as Sika roofing membranes, are naturally fire retardant and do not support combustion when the flame source is removed.

Fire Performance Put to Test

In April of 2014, a medical helicopter crashed onto the roof of the University of New Mexico Hospital shortly after dropping off a patient. As a result of the crash, which all three crew members survived, fuel was spilled and quickly ignited. Luckily, the fire was suppressed right away and did not spread thanks to the building’s Sika Sarnafil roofing membrane. Learn more about Sika Sarnafil Fire Performance.

Helping to sustain the environment

50 years before "sustainable" or "green" were trendy, Sika Sarnafil was delivering high quality, energy efficient roofing and waterproofing solutions.This commitment has empowered our clients to lower maintenance and utility costs, reduce environmental impact and increase their ROI. Read more about how Sika keeps the Hoag Memorial Hospital watertight while at the same time offering energy savings.

green roof at childrens hospital in st. louis
Green Roofs

Green roofs lower rooftop temperatures, reduce storm water run-off and improve air quality improvement

fredrick Murphy healthcare solar roof facility
Solar Roofs

Sika EnergySmart membranes enhance solar roofs performance

From Roof to Floor

Hospital, Pharmaceutical, and Vivarium floor and wall systems often fail at the seams due to building movement, product shrinkage or induced stress from rolling loads. Sika floor and wall systems have no seams, so this common failure point can be completely avoided. Learn more about Sikafloor for your healthcare facility