Retailers and other building owners responsible for multiple facilities have unique requirements for their roofing systems. Millions of dollars of merchandise and/or perishables are at risk, along with the safety and comfort of customers and employees.

These building owners require a versatile roofing system that will perform at a high level for an extended period of time, have minimal maintenance requirements, and help to lower operating expenditures with sustainability features that include energy efficient reflective surfaces.

Strategic Accounts Program Delivers Added Value

The Strategic Accounts Program offers a peace of mind roofing service to building owners responsible for multiple facilities. Building owners participating in the Strategic Accounts Program take advantage of leveraged buying power and may economically bundle simultaneous roofing projects for even greater savings. Customers communicate through dedicated account managers as a single point of contact.

Sika Strategic account managers has an extensive understanding of municipal and government regulations relating to roof system energy rebates and provides insight and valuable guidance to commercial building owners.

Additional Support from Sarnafil Services

For Strategic Account customers, Sika is equipped to function as a single-source integrator/manufacture and deliver comprehensive roof management services that can range from preliminary design to long-term maintenance.

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Prudential Center Boston Plaza Deck
High Performance Roofing Systems

Sika manufactures high-performance, energy-efficient vinyl roofing systems, vegetated green roofs, and solar-ready roofing systems. These watertight systems are perhaps the most sustainable roofing solutions available anywhere — long lasting, to lower life cycle costs, and highly reflective to reduce building temperatures, lower energy consumption and help to mitigate air pollution and the urban heat island effect.

tanger outlets white roof
EnergySmart Roof System

Sika's EnergySmart Roof system features a White, Tan, Reflective Gray or Patina Green reflective, lacquer coated surface. These surfaces have been proven to reduce the amount of energy required to maintain comfort in an air-conditioned building by decreasing heat flow through the building envelope.

Brookshire Grocery Store 32+ year old roof
Withstanding the Test of Time

Sika's vinyl membranes have been proven to last for decades on facilities as diverse as high rises, museums, retail stores, sports arenas and schools. We have numerous roofs that are currently over 25 years old and still performing, proving our ability to pass the test of time.

retail store recycled roof
Recycling Your Old Roof

Sika roofing is the only PVC manufacture with an established recycling system in place. Sika membranes contain recycled content and many systems can be recycled yet again at the end of their service life, as part of the Sika industry-leading Vinyl Roof Recycling Program. The company has recycled more than 47 million pounds of vinyl roofing membrane in just the last decade for use in new roofing products.