Repeat heavy wind events can play havoc with a roof.  Be confident the roofing system you specify will perform for years to come by choosing Sarnafil Express.

Sarnafil Express


1. Structural Deck
2. Vapor Retarder
3. Insulation
4. Insulation Fasteners
6. Sarnafil S Membrane

You Should See Double

Double-weld that is.  Sarnafil Express combines Sarnafil's time-proven thermoplastic membrane with a polymer batten and fasteners between two welds in the membrane overlap.  This breakthrough attachment system provides symmetrical wind loading on two welded seams, unlike single-weld mechanical attachment systems.  Sarnafil Express reduces the chances of fastener pullout, membrane tearing and seam peeling.  This is especially important with today's wider thermoplastic membranes.



Single-weld mechanical attachment systems can create fastener rocking and pullout, membrane tearing and seam peeling.

Sarnafil Express

Unlike single-weld systems, Sarnafil Express utilizes a polymer batten and fasteners between two welds to maximize wind uplift performance.



When you specify Sarnafil Express, you maximize the roofing system's capability to withstand repeat wind events.  We guarantee it!  Sika Sarnafil stands behind every Sarnafil Express roofing system with a 100 mph wind warranty - hurricane conditions - in our standard warranty.


Same Price

When the wind blows, Sarnafil Express provides superior protection, at no additional cost to the building owner.

Next time you're specifying a mechanically-attached roof, choose Sarnafil Express, Sarnafil's double-weld mechanical attachment system.  Your customers will get double-weld security at the single-weld cost.  Simple as that.  Guaranteed.