Tired of your leaking roof, but not sure what's causing the leaks?

Recovering your metal roof with Sika Sarnafil’s Metal Retrofit System is a cost effective, long-term solution that allows you to stop worrying about leaks.  There is no need to reseal, coat or replace your roof with the Sarnafil solution.  The system is installed directly over the existing metal roof.  The result is a long lasting Sarnafil roof that requires little maintenance and has a very low life-cycle cost.

PROBLEM: Metal Corrosion

CAUSE: Rusting and corrosion of metal roofs occurs from normal precipitation and acid rain, as well as ponding water. Over time, this corrosion makes its way through the metal, leaving holes for water to penetrate.

PROBLEM: Expansion and Contraction

CAUSES: As seasons and temperatures change, leaks can occur. As the metal roof
expands and contracts, fasteners loosen at the joints. The thermal movement ends up leaving loose seams and cracks at penetrations leading to leaks in your roof.

PROBLEM: Condensation

CAUSES: Metal roofs are difficult to seal and insulate.  Moist interior air can condense on the back side of the metal.  The condensate drips into the building, causing the same problems as leaks.

PROBLEM: Transition Areas

CAUSES: Metal roofs are only watertight if the slope is adequate. Transitions, valleys and interior gutters are prone to leaking with metal roofing.

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You Know What Causes the Leaks But How Do You Stop Them?

Like many decisions, there are quick fixes and there are long term solutions.  Solve the problem for the long term with Sarnafil's Metal Retrofit System. 

The Metal Retrofit System Provides ...

Watertight Integrity:

Quality that meets or exceeds ASTM standards with watertight, hot-air welded seams. Permanent watertight flashings and details.

Low Life-Cycle Costs:

  • Long-lasting membrane that does not rust or corrode.
  • Membrane that requires no resurfacing or recoating.
  • Hot-air welded seams that require no maintenance.

Saves Energy:

Insulated roof system with ENERGY STAR.

Retaining the Look of Metal:

  • Metal roof appearance with standing-seam ribs or battens.
  • Six standard colors or custom colors.

Proven Performance:

  • An industry veteran that has produced close to 4 billion sq. ft. of membrane since 1964.
  • The same basic membrane formulation that has protected buildings for almost 50 years.
  • Material that consistently ranks as the highest quality thermoplastic membrane in independent testing.