Proven Performance and Low VOC’s in a Cost-Competitive Adhered Roofing System

The EcoBond Roof™ utilizes Sarnacol® 2121, a time-proven low VOC adhesive, and a Sarnafil® membrane to deliver a high performing, cost effective adhered roofing system that meets all applicable state and federal VOC guidelines.

Performance Characteristics

The EcoBond adhered roofing system attaches securely over low slope roofs to resist mechanical stress from wind uplift. This system eliminates sheet flutter and prevents billowing. In addition, it is suitable for non-nailable substrates like concrete. The EcoBond Roof is also an excellent choice when all other roof system components are adhered, eliminating the need for mechanical fasteners that can cause thermal bridging.

Versatility in Application

The EcoBond Roof can be squeegee-, roller- or spray-applied — providing the maximum in application versatility. 

A Cost Effective Solution

Sarnacol@ 2121 water-based adhesive is more cost effective than solvent-based adhesives due to lower material usage and faster application. With Sarnacol 2121, adhesive is applied only to the roofing substrate and membrane is immediately laid into the adhesive.  This differs from solvent-based adhesive that requires application to the membrane and the roofing substrate, and wait times that exist before membrane can be laid in.

Compare and Save

Because of a high coefficient of expansion and contraction, TPO and EPDM are more suitable to installation with solvent-based adhesives due to drying times that are shorter than water-based adhesives. Sika Sarnafil’s unique G410 fiberglass mat-reinforced vinyl membrane has excellent dimensional stability, allowing for the use of water-based adhesives. The net result is an installed system that is very cost-competitive!

Count on Our Experience

Sika Sarnafil is the undisputed leader in adhered thermoplastic roofing, with 50 years of adhered roofing experience. The company has produced more than 15 billion sq. ft. of high performance thermoplastic membrane — with many of the company’s adhered roofing systems still performing after 25 to 30 years of service, in all types of climates.