Mechanically Attached Roofs

Mechanically Attached Systems

The below "systems" section includes a very brief system description and links to some products used within those systems.

For our more unique and innovative systems we have created separate pages that discuss the benefits and advantages of those systems. These pages can be found by clicking the links directly below this paragraph.

Sarnafil Express System

EcoSmart System

Sarnafil Systems: Mechanically Attached Roofs

Sarnafast System

This strong mechanically attached system is your best choice when speed and ease of installation are important. Sarnafast features metal plates fastened in the seam overlap spaced according to the roof’s wind uplift requirements. It is designed to meet wind conditions on many building types.

Sarnafil Express System

This unique system features a polymer batten strip fastened between two welds in the membrane overlap. Fasteners are spaced according to wind uplift requirements. Sarnafil’s Sarnamatic welding machine creates a weld on both sides of the batten in one pass. This exceptionally strong attachment system is ideal for use with today’s wider membrane sheets as it offers superior wind uplift strength as well as speed of installation.

Engineered System

If your roof is subject to severe or extreme wind uplift forces, such as high-rise buildings or facilities located in coastal areas, this is your best choice. You can customize or “engineer” the row and fastener spacing to meet any specified wind load. This system is so strong that Sika Sarnafil offers wind warranty protection of up to 120 mph.

EcoSmart System

Roofing systems don’t have to be disposable.  By maximizing system longevity and recycling at the end of its useful life, the Sika Sarnafil EcoSmart Roof provides you with a roofing option that’s good for the environment and your wallet.

The EcoSmart Roof utilizes Sarnafil thermoplastic membrane, STYROFOAM™ brand insulation from Dow Building Solutions, and gypsum roof board to produce one of the longest lasting, most ecologically responsible roofing systems available.