What It Takes!

Sika roofing is helping customers achieve their sustainability goals—and gain a positive return on their investment.
This guide is intended to help you in the assessment process by providing you with sustainable roofing evaluation criteria.

At the back of this guide you’ll find a handy checklist for comparing roofing products. So when it comes time to choose the right roofing solution, you’ll know what to look for—and what it takes to achieve your sustainability goals.

To learn more about our sustainability initiative, please go to www.sustainabilitythatpays.com.

Case Study: Hoag Memorial Hospital

Hoag Hospital was renovating and expanding its Emergency and Imaging Departments, and wanted to keep those departments in service during the installation of the new roof. Fortunately, Best Contracting, the contractor company for this project,  was installing a Sika Sarnafil adhered roofing system, which
would not only keep the roof watertight for years to come but which would also
offer energy savings because of its white, EnergySmart Roof®.

“We chose the Sika Sarnafil system because of its sustainability,” said Gregg Zoll, senior project manager at Hoag Hospital. “Not only would it meet California’s Title 24 requirements but we were confident it would perform above and beyond our expectations. We also like the longevity of this product – I have specified this product almost 40 times and have been very pleased with the longterm performance.”

To learn more about this case, please see our full version of Case Study for the Hoag Memorial Hospital.