Sika Sarnafil PVC Roof Membrane Recycling Program

Recycling reduces the environmental impacts of producing new materials at the beginning of the life cycle and the burden on landfills at the end. The feasibility and technical capability of recycling vinyl is well established. 

ULE Recycling Certificate
ULE Recycling Certificate



PVC Roof Recycling Video

Brian Whelan, Executive Vice President of Sika Roofing, takes BD+C's Robert Cassidy on a tour of Sika Roofing's Membrane Recycling Program

Most of the regrind was sold to Plastival, Inc. to be recycled into vinyl fencing and decking. In addition, the Vinyl Institute purchased some of the regrind to create architectural scales to help demonstrate to builders, architects and specifiers alike that our products are easily recyclable.

In the commercial, low slope roofing market, vinyl is the only material with an established recycling system in place. European roofing manufacturers have been recycling PVC roof membranes at the end of their service life for well over a decade now.  Roofcollect®, the European collecting and recycling system, collected more than 1.3 million pounds of post consumer vinyl in 2005. The collected material is processed and made available to manufacturers for incorporation into new vinyl roofing and waterproofing membranes.

At Sika roofing, 100% of all vinyl raw materials are converted into roofing and waterproofing membranes. 

But what about the disposal of old vinyl roofs at the end of their life cycle?

Post consumer recycling, the recycling of roof membranes at the end of their useful life, is an opportunity to divert construction debris from the waste stream. The technology exists to recycle the material but historically the lack of a need in the market has prevented the establishment of a viable infrastructure to allow recycling. The sustainability movement along with the advent of landfill restrictions on construction waste in cities such as Chicago and Boston and the increase in waste disposal fees has begun to create the conditions to make recycling old roofs a reality.

Just a Few Recent Sika Sarnafil Recycling Projects ...

recycled PVC roof membrane

Marriott Long Wharf, Boston, MA - Winner of the 2005 Project of the Year award, the Marriott Long Wharf recycled 95% of all roof materials including the PVC roof..

sustainable roof: recycled PVC

Carver Hawkeye Arena, Iowa City, IA - The 2007 Sika Sarnafil Sustainable Roofing Performance Award winner, Carver Hawkeye Arena's existing 25 year old Sarnafil PVC roof was recycled into new Sika Sarnafil products.


The Vinyl Recycling Process

The recycling of vinyl roofs starts with the removal of the old membrane from the facility. The membrane is then packaged and consolidated and shipped to a facility where it is processed into a form that can be reintroduced into the new product manufacturing stream. Vinyl is an excellent candidate for recycling because the old roofing material is easily introduced into the raw material base for the manufacturing of new roofing membranes and accessories.

Sika roofing has invested in state-of-the-art processing equipment that enables large scale recycling of post consumer vinyl roofs back into roofing products. These products include walkway pads, protection membranes and roofing and waterproofing membranes.