Organization Link Information
American Forests Cool Communities Program
American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) Cool construction materials subcommittee E06.21.16
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ENERGY STAR Roof Products program
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Cool roof studies, Heat Island Effect
National Climatic Data Center Climate, geophysical and oceanographic data. Archived weather data for U.S. locations.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Research facility that develops technologies to improve the energy efficiency and environmental compatibility of buildings
Pacific Northwest National Labs Review of the ASHRAE 90.1 energy efficiency standard
U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE) Rebuild America program
U.S. Green Building Council & LEED A coalition of leaders from the building industry that work to promote environmentally responsible buildings
Vinyl in Design An information resource about vinyl for building design professionals
Vinyl Roofing Division of the Chemical Fabrics and Film Association Information about the attributes of vinyl membrane roofing as a durable material for reflective, heat-weldable, single-ply roofing systems
The Vinyl Institute U.S. trade association founded in 1982 and representing the leading manufacturers of vinyl, vinyl chloride monomer, vinyl additives and modifiers, and vinyl packaging materials
Western States Roofing Contractor's Association The Western States Roofing Contractor's Association has been shaping the western states' roofing profession since 1974