What is RoofPoint?

RoofPoint is a voluntary, consensus-based green rating system developed by the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing (CEIR) to provide a means for building owners and designers to select nonresidential roof systems based on long-term energy and environmental benefits.

Similar to green building rating systems such as LEED, RoofPoint functions as a criterion-based assessment system featuring broad categories of environmental impact with specific strategies to reduce that environmental impact within each different category.

These credits are assessed against measurable goals, and the summation of this assessment is expressed as a total point score. Roofing projects meeting a minimum score overall (as well as in each major category) are then recognized to embody the key principles of sustainable roofing. Find out more details about RoofPoint and its value proposition at  www.roofpoint.org

RoofPoint vs LEED

RoofPoint™, is similar in function and structure to LEED, but it embraces important differences that offer special value to building owners, facility managers, and other members of the green building community. It is more beneficial than LEED in several ways:

  • RoofPoint addresses over 24 critical sustainable roof characteristics while LEED only specifically references 2 roofing characteristics.
  • Compared to whole building rating systems such as LEED, RoofPoint can be more easily integrated into almost any roofing project.
  • RoofPoint is significantly less costly than LEED.

RoofPoint Credit Chart

Each functional area of RoofPoint is further organized into a series of credits.The credits are transformed into actionable aspects of roof system selection, installation and operation by providing the following information for each credit. Download credit chart.

Sika Sarnafil RoofPoint Certified Projects

Sika Sarnafil roofing systems can help the building owner achieve RoofPoint Certification. View a collection of our RoofPoint certified case studies and learn more.

Why Choose Sika Sarnafil?

  • Experienced technical staff
  • Proven long-term performance
  • Low life cycle costs
  • Energy efficient roofing systems
    - Highly reflective EnergySmart Roof membranes
    - Green roofs
    - Solar roofs
  • Authorized applicators
  • Design flexibility
  • ENERGY STAR® rated membranes
  • Roof recycling program