CANTON, Mass. - June 29, 2017 - Sika, the worldwide market leader in thermoplastic roofing and waterproofing membranes, is pleased to partner with Sunwealth and Centroplan in announcing the installation of a brand new Sika SolaRoof® park atop its headquarters in Canton, Mass.

Sika SolaRoof system atop Sika Roofing's Headquarters in Canton, Mass.

The Sika SolaRoof system is a non-penetrating, integrated solar solution for thermoplastic roofs that goes above and beyond the traditional racking system. It incorporates the proven performance of a Sarnafil Roof System with the Sika SolarMount-1 - an innovative, non-penetrating, engineered solution for long-term securement of solar rooftop photovoltaic. Sika SolarMount-1 is a lightweight, aerodynamic mounting system for the installation of rigid PV panels on low slope Sarnafil thermoplastic roofs.

“The Sika SolaRoof system is one of the most innovative applications in the solar roofing arena in many years,” said Bill Bellico, Director of Marketing for Sika Roofing. “Having a lightweight system without the need for hundreds of penetrations in the roof is a game changer for the industry. Now building owners no longer need to worry about the risk of damage from the shifting of traditional ballasted arrays or potential leak threats from all the penetrations of a fastened system.”

The key component of the SolarMount-1 is the Sika SolarClick welding flange. The SolarClicks, which are made with the same formulation as Sarnafil membranes, are mounted to each support and hot-air welded to the Sarnafil membrane. They provide a large contact area, critical for uniform load distribution in order to reduce compression loads on the thermal insulation.

Sika SolaRoof system atop Sika Roofing's Headquarters in Canton, Mass.

Since the SolarClicks are hot-air welded to the membrane, the weight of typical ballasted systems is not required, making the Sika SolaRoof system ideal for most lightweight roof structures. And because the SolarClicks are made from the same formulation as the membranes, compatibility issues are eliminated.

Sunwealth, a pioneering clean energy firm, has created a standardized, technology-enabled process by which commercial solar projects can be easily and economically financed, allowing developers to build valuable projects and investors to generate high-quality returns. Sunwealth’s team is committed to harnessing the power of their proprietary platform to deliver meaningful investment returns and tangible social impact.

“We are honored to partner with Sika and Centroplan to finance this high-performance solar installation through our community of investors,” said Ryan Dings, Chief Operating Officer at Sunwealth. “With this incredible project, we can demonstrate the power of commercial solar to building owners and investors alike. It will serve as a model of operational and financial performance for many projects to come.”

Sika solar roof partners

Sika Roofing has partnered with Centroplan to enable its customers to access an “all-inclusive” solar system package. By combining the expertise of both companies, the roof and photovoltaics interface can be excluded in order to develop a solar roof that is tailored to your needs. The roof and PV material components are optimally coordinated in the process, allowing comprehensive warranty packages to be made available.

“In a market climate where collaboration between roof and solar companies is unusual, it is a testament to Centroplan’s and Sika’s commitment to developing a single, integral solar PV and roof system that solves the problems and risks seen at the interface between the solar system and the roofing system,” said Mark Gies, Director of Sales and Product at Centroplan. 

“The Sika SolaRoof system achieves this with its unique features and design. Sika furthers its commitment and confidence by including the system in its roof warranty coverage. This is a big value to the building owner by reducing risk and providing peace of mind.”

To learn more about the innovative Sika SolaRoof system, please click here or call 800-576-2358.