PVC Performance at a TPO Price…

Sikaplan is a cost-competitive, single-ply PVC roofing membrane designed for low and steep-slope roofing applications. It is ideal for applications that call for a proven, cost-effective roofing system from the world’s most trusted commercial roofing supplier. Sikaplan offers PVC performance at a TPO price!

Sikaplan vs TPO Cost comparison
Cost Per Square Foot System Comparison

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Sikaplan Track Record

Sikaplan has a successful track record of more than 30 years on buildings throughout the world. And like all Sika PVC roofing and waterproofing membranes, Sikaplan seams and flashings are hot-air welded using the Sarnamatic automatic hot-air welding machine. When welded together, the sheets of membrane become one monolithic layer of material impervious to water and moisture infiltration.


Sikaplan Fastened and Sikaplan Adhered single-ply roofing membrane comes in a variety of thicknesses and colors including White, Reflective Gray and Tan*. Sikaplan’s EnergySmart White color reflects the sun’s solar energy and helps to lower building cooling costs. The product meets the cool roofing requirements of USGBC’s LEED® program, Green Globes and California Title 24.

Color White, Reflective Gray and Tan
Thickness Available in 45 for bareback only and 60 mil for bareback and feltback membranes*
Reflectivity 0.83** (Fastened White), 0.85** (Adhered White)
Emissivity 0.89**(Fastened White), 0.89** (Adhered White)
SRI 104** (Fastened White), 107** (Adhered White)
Roll Size 60 Mil
5 ft x 100 ft and 10 ft x 100 ft***
Roll Size 45 Mil
5 ft x 150 ft and 10 ft x 150 ft***

Please consult the Product Data Sheet prior to any use and processing. Our most current General Sales Conditions shall apply.

* Contact your local Sika roofing representative for up-to-date product offering
** Based on EnergySmart White
*** Feltback only available in 10 ft. wide

Roofing System options with Sikaplan membrane


The Sikaplan mechanically-attached system is your best choice when speed and ease of installation are important. Sikaplan mechanically-attached utilizes the Sikaplan Disc fastened in the seam overlap. The Sikaplan Fastened membrane has an internal polyester scrim reinforcement to provide the tear resistance required for mechanically-attached roof systems.

Sikaplan FB3

The Single-Ply Recover Solution or Sikaplan FB3 is a time-saving, cost-effective recover solution designed to go directly over existing TPO and EPDM roofs while meeting local fire code requirements. The solution gets its name from the new Sikaplan Fastened membrane which has a 3-ounce felt backing (FB3) rather than the standard 9-ounce felt backing. 

When using the new Sikaplan FB3 membrane, you avoid the added price of the hardboard or the loose felt product, as well as the labor to install these products. The Sikaplan FB3 membrane excels as a quick, effective option for single-ply recover applications over TPO and EPDM roofs.


The Sikaplan Adhered membrane, when used in combination with Sikaplan Single-Step Adhesive, is a very attractive, cost competitive option for building owners. This adhesive lowers costs by minimizing material usage through the use of recommended application methods, and by facilitating faster applications. The Sikaplan Adhered membrane has an internal glass mat reinforcement to provide the dimensional stability adhered roof systems require.

In addition, Sikaplan Adhered is ideal for non-nailable substrates like concrete. And when all roof system components are adhered, the system eliminates the need for mechanical fasteners that can cause thermal bridging.

Advantages Sikaplan Adhered

COST-EFFECTIVE – The Sikaplan Adhered membrane along with the Sikaplan Single-Step Adhesive delivers a cost-competitive PVC roofing alternative to Adhered TPO or EPDM.

PROVEN – Over 30 years of performance history from Sika, the company with more PVC experience than anyone.

SUSTAINABLE – Sikaplan membranes can be recycled at the end of their service life.

DEPENDABLE – Dimensionally stable with excellent adhesive bonding.

FLEXIBLE – Makes detailing easy, even in cold weather.


The RhinoBond system eliminates membrane fastener penetration by welding the membrane directly to the unique PVC coated plates used to secure the insulation or hardboard to the deck. The result is a roofing system that uses fewer plates and fasteners while enhancing wind uplift resistance and reducing membrane “flutter.”

Sikaplan vs. other single-ply roof membrane

Roofing Membrane Fire Test

Sikaplan PVC, manufactured by Sika Corporation, is compared to EPDM, TPO and Modified Bitumen roof membranes in a head to head "vertical burn test." 

Sikaplan vs. TPO Adhered Comparision Video