Energy represents 30 percent of the typical office building’s costs and is a property’s single largest operating expense. According to the EPA, installing EnergyStar roofing products, such as reflective roofs, can reduce overall energy costs by up to 50 percent and peak cooling demand by 10 to 15 percent. For some facilities that translates to tens of thousands of dollars, or more, of energy savings over the roofs lifecycle.

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Case Study: St. John's Regional Medical Center


As many doctors can attest, sometimes a band-aid just isn’t enough.That was the case with the roof on the St. John’s Regional Medical Center in Oxnard, CA. After hiring DRI Commercial of Irvine CA to perform an extensive repair on the existing built-up roofing assembly, it was determined that the roof was in worse condition than previously thought. The diagnosis: the built-up roof system had suffered water damage and had to be replaced. Their prescription: a Sika Sarnafil fully adhered roofing system using a Sarnafil® G410 72 mil feltback roofing membrane.

For more details about how Sika Sarnafil worked with DRI to deal with various technical challenges of this job, please go to our Case Study for St.John's Regional Medical Center.