Did you know that not all superheroes wear capes? In fact, we’re all capable of becoming one.

On September 8, nearly 50 “capeless” superheroes answered Sika’s call to spend one day improving the quality of a community center building in Chicago!

Sika, CSI and Rebuilding Together Group Shot

Sika and its partners helped the YOUth CAN headquarters to become a better place. YOUth CAN’s mission is to intervene in the lives of disadvantaged youth in the community by enriching their academic, cultural and social development through academic assistance, computer technology, art and music programs.

Director of YouthCan with Sika Volunteer and Organizer

The volunteers spent the day replacing the failing ceiling tiles, installing new carpet, cleaning the building’s storage areas, installing shelves, painting and repairing the fence. It was a fantastic event for both the local Sika team as well as our partners.  

Volunteers working inside with Director of YouthCan

Sika is also donating products and materials to replace the 30 year old multi-layered asphalt roof with a new EnergySmart Sikaplan system so roof leaks will no longer be a daily occurrence in the building!  Sika is also donating products and materials to add a new epoxy floor in their design room, wood floor in the computer room and sealant to fix the gaps for the exterior windows and masonry.

Rebuilding Together Organizer Kicking off Volunteer Day

Though so much has already been completed, the project is far from finished. We have still work to do and will keep you updated on our progress.

Until then, it really feels great to be a superhero!