-Location: Joliet, Illinois

-Years of service: 28 

-Project Completion: 1984

Maintenance Manager Dennis Hocker oversees 165,000 sq. ft. of roofing — including EPDMs, TPOs and PVCs. To him, a good roof is one that doesn’t require a lot of his time. “Except for normal maintenance and roof inspections, I don’t pay attention to roofs unless they are leaking,” he stated.

One roof that hasn’t been requiring much notice is the 35,000 sq. ft. Sarnafil roof over a building that houses the company’s corporate offices and a manufacturing facility in Joliet. “Since the building was built in 1920 there have been a lot of additions and modulars added, with various kinds of roofing systems,” Hocker explained. “This Sarnafil roof is the oldest roof and on the oldest part of the building.”

Other than normal maintenance and repairs due to storm damage, it has been trouble free for the 13 years Hocker has worked there. “When you consider how long the roof has lasted and how little effort it is has required on my part, you can see that the life cycle cost is equal or less to other roofing systems,” Hocker said. “To me this is a superior roof membrane.”