At the North Thurston School District in Lacey, Washington, the motto is Committed to Excellence: Providing Every Student the Academic and Life Skills Necessary to Succeed in a Diverse World. With 1,350 students in the North Thurston High School alone, providing an environment in which to accomplish that goal can seem like a large undertaking.

Fortunately, the 87,831-square-foot Sarnafil® roof on the high school has been demonstrating excellence itself since it was installed in 1983, and is still performing well.This is also true of the 18,524-square-foot Sarnafil roof on the nearby Auditorium, which was installed in 1994.

“Both roofs are doing great, and the high school one in particular has lasted longer than expected,” said Dean Martinolich, program administrator at North Thurston Public Schools. “In fact, at least 85 percent of the roofs on the high school campus are Sarnafil roofs. That’s because we’ve been very pleased with them – we like their longevity and the way they perform better than some other single-ply membranes we’ve installed.”

Martinolich also pointed out that Sarnafil roofs have been installed on many buildings district-wide, including two elementary schools, a second high school and on parts of the district’s administrative center. “All of these roofs are doing well, and we like how Sika Sarnafil has approved installers,” he remarked.“I feel we get a higher quality group of contractors bidding on the Sarnafil jobs.”

Mike Laverty, director of construction and design department at North Thurston High School, has been overseeing the high school Sarnafil roof for 14 years with very few issues.“The Sarnafil roof is doing very well and I’m happy with it,” he stated.He added that it “has endured the extremes of typical Pacific Northwest weather without a problem” such as the 51 inches of rain Lacey averages per year, which is 14 inches more than the US average. Laverty also mentioned that the Sarnafil roof has been easy to maintain.

The North Thurston school district is hoping to modernize the high school in the near future, and both Laverty and Martinolich hope that if the roof is replaced, it is with another Sarnafil roof. “We are always comparing Sarnafil roofs to other projects, with an eye on costs and results,” Laverty said. “I hope we continue to consider Sarnafil for our buildings.”

“I like the people who represent Sarnafil and we have a positive history with their roofs,” added Martinolich. “I would certainly go with another Sarnafil roof again.”