retail roofing system

Install Date: 1980
Location: Tyler, TX
Roofing System: Sarnafil G410 and S327.

Ken Reeves, facility maintenance technician at Brookshire Grocery Company,has been maintaining the 500,000 square-foot Sika Sarnafil roof on the Southwest Foods division warehouse and manufacturing facility in Tyler, Texas since the day it was installed in 1980. The roof consists of a G410 adhered Sarnafil system over the freezer section, and a S327 48 mil Sarnafil mechanically attached system on the rest of the roof.

“You can’t ask for a better roofing system – I love it,” Reeves stated. “The main advantage of the Sika Sarnafil roof is the longevity of the material and ease of repair – you just heat-weld a patch of the membrane to the repair and you are done.” To view a list of our oldest roofs, please visit here