Virtually all reflective (PVC and TPO) roofing membranes and coatings in the U.S. are manufactured with TiO2 produced through a chloride process. TiO2 is also used to make the top surface of EPDM white, and in many cases, to make modified bitumen more reflective.

Below please find a downloadable PDF the article titled "TiO2: A Key Ingredient to a Long-Lasting Reflective Roof" which appeared in the March issue of RCI Interface magazine and co-authored by Brian Whelan, Executive Vice President of Sika Corporation- Roofing and Flooring Division, and Ramen Chiu, who has been working in the polymer industry for 27 years. This article describes the function of Ti)2 as an important additive to roofing products to provide long term reflectivity.

Ti02: A Key Ingredient to a Long-Lasting Reflective Roof

About the Authors:

Brian Whelan is the Executive Vice President of Roofing and Flooring Division at Sika Corporation. He is also the director for the Center of Environmental Innovation in Roofing and has participated on various NRCA committees.

Ramen Chiu has worked in the Polymer industry for 27 years. He is currently employed by Kronos Worldwide Inc. as a technical service engineer. He has worked on TPO, EPDM, and vinyl roofing materials.