decor vs metal infographic thumbnail
Sarnafil Décor vs. Metal: The Race for Roofing Supremacy

In the roofing race for appearance and performance supremacy, there's one obvious winner. Check out this infographic to learn about the major differences between a Sarnafil Décor Roof System and a standing seam metal roof. 

sikaplan vs tpo infographic
Is TPo Worth The Risk?

Sikaplan is a cost-competitive, single-ply PVC roofing membrane designed for low and steep slope roofing applications. It has over 30 years of proven performance. Find out if TPO is worth the risk when there is Sikaplan.

sika sarnafil pvc membrane infographic thumbnail
The Sarnafil Difference

When asked “what makes Sarnafil membranes different from all the other pvc roofing membranes” it is almost impossible to give a simple answer (because there are quite a few reasons). However, to make it easier we highlighted the top 5 reason in this infographic. Find out now what what makes Sarnafil different from all other PVC roofing membranes.

hidden energy bill charges infographic
Hidden Charges in Your Energy Bill

There may be a hidden cost lurking in your monthly electrical bill. In fact, peak demand charges may actually account for a significant portion of your monthly electric bills!

cool roof myths busted infographic
Cool Roof Myths Busted

Despite an enviable performance history, there are some within the commercial roofing industry that have questioned the science behind cool roof technologies, the impact of cool roofs in northern climates, and the overall performance characteristics of reflective roofing.  

how green is your roof infographic
How Green Is Your Roof?

Discover how green your roof is and how Sika Sarnafil is redefining sustainability with environmentally sensitive products that deliver higher ROI while helping you achieve your sustainability goals.

sarnafil membrane thickness guarantee
Why Roofing Thickness Matters?

Did you know that roofing industry standards allow a manufacture to produce a roofing membrane 10% thinner than its labeled thickness and still be in compliance? This infographic explores the importance of "Why Thickness Matters," especially in a Roofing Membrane.