A Creative Way To Advertise

Across the U.S. building owners are beginning to look to their rooftops as valuable, long-term and highly cost-effective advertising space. Our ability to create custom colored membrane means Sika Sarnafil is well positioned to help you capitalize on this unique idea.

American Airlines Arena
Staples Center
Miller Ball Park
Edward Jones Arena
Brooks Pharmacy Headquarters
Ford Motor Company

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of roof graphics can I place?

  • Building name
  • Logos
  • Trademark symbols
  • Slogans

What are the advantages of roof graphics?

  • Long-term name recognition
  • Possibly seen by thousands every day
  • Free Advertising Space
  • Unique

What building types are the best candidates?

  • Flat roofs, steep roofs, domed roofs
  • Roofs located near airports
  • Rooftops visible by neighboring buildings

How are roof graphics applied?

  • Colored Sarnafil membrane is produced and sent to a stencil company
  • Your graphic is stenciled onto the membrane in a grid pattern at the appropriate size and cut out
  • The membrane is glued then hot-air welded onto the rooftop and becomes one with the roof membrane

How do I maintain the look of my roof graphics?

  • A Sika Sarnafil authorized applicator can provide cleaning and service if required
  • Your graphic can be removed or changed without affecting the roof warranty

How do I find out more information?

Contact a Sika Sarnafil sales representative