Sikacoat® roof coatings provide building owners with a cost effective option for roof maintenance and restoration while enhancing roof reflectivity.  These high performance elastomeric coatings provide a seamless waterproof barrier that can expand and contract with roof movement.  Sikacoat comes in 3 standard color options, White, Tan and Light Gray.

Sikacoat FC3500 Series was designed especially for roofs that are in colder climates who need a coating that performs at low temperatures.  Sikacoat FC3400 Series was designed for all other roofs who are not in colder climates and do not need this feature.

Sikacoat (white) meets the cool roofing requirements of Energy Star®, California Title 24, LEED® and Green Globes® programs.  The product’s high solar reflectance will help reduce heat transfer into your building, lower cooling energy costs, and reduce membrane stress and heat accelerated degradation.

Sikacoat is a water-based acrylic technology that is low in odor and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  This product offers excellent adhesion to a wide variety of roofing substrates that include metal, bitumen, TPO, EPDM, Hypalon® and PVC.

If you are challenged by a roof nearing the end of its service life or are frustrated by a leaking metal roof, Sikacoat can extend your roof life, eliminate leaks and improve the building’s aesthetics and energy; and often at a much lower cost than a new roof.

Sikacoat Product Features:

  • (White) Meets Energy Star, California Title 24, LEED and Green Globes cool roof requirements
  • Low VOC content meets South Coast Air Quality Management District rules
  • UL and FM approvals
  • CRRC Listed
  • 3 standard color options: White, Tan and Light Gray
FC3500 CRRC Values (based on white)    
  Initial 3 Year Aged
Solar Reflectance .83 .73
Thermal Emmittance .88 .95
SRI 104 91
FC3400 CRRC Values (based on white)    
  Initial 3 Year Aged
Solar Reflectance .84 .75
Thermal Emmittance .89 .91
SRI 106 93